SeaWay nautical

The Seaway Nautical Ship Supply is able to deliver products throughout the country and abroad being a company founded in 2011 in the city of Santos, based on our principles to win the trust of every customer in providing services and maritime supply in Brazilian ports, offering speed and accuracy in supplying our products.

The Seaway Nautical Ship Supply is present in all national ports and even making deliveries to more remote ports of the country and promoting the inclusion of maritime supply in hard to reach ports.

Our vision
Our vision establishes the structure that leads us to reach our goal and is reflected in all aspects of business by describing what we want to achieve and how do we achieve the quality, sustainability and growth..

our Goals

Contributors: Provide a healthy and inspiring working environment for all employees.

Portfolio: To provide our customers a quality portfolio in our brand bringing satisfaction to the desired wishes of our customers.

Partners:Add value and unify with partner seeking victory to win the market.

Environmental Responsibility:To be a company that makes a difference and that it makes available to help and support our communities.

Profit Goals:To maximize long-term and at the same time be aware of the responsibilities to satisfy every customer.

Productivity: Being an effective, fast and reliable enterprise solutions. Directing our efforts there is a solidification in the long term and thus we set goals for the future of our company with a win for everyone, customers, employees, suppliers and our institution.

Pride of maintaining partnership with:

Our clients